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Design Creative


Intelligent creative lets you design engaging content that is not only visually appealing, but interactive and individually relevant to every customer, too.

Our web-based designer lets you add graphic elements from scratch, lay them out on a custom canvas, and then style them by hand or with help from our artificial intelligence tools. You and your design team always have full control over your brand ... and your customer’s experience.

The "feature tour" above (viewable only on larger screens) is a simple intelligent creative.

Easily add responsiveness and interactivity so your creatives capture your customers’ attention no matter what device they’re on. No more requesting custom projects or waiting for developers. With Intelligent Creative, you can easily do these types of things yourself with no prior experience — and no code.

responsive creatives and interactive creatives with no code

Make it Dynamic


Likelihood’s AI-powered platform lets you connect elements of your creative to any data source — like a product catalog or digital asset management system — to make each creative impression relevant to the shopper viewing it, without sacrificing the aesthetics your brand demands. Customers consistently engage with Intelligent Creatives at higher rates than static creatives, because they are built specifically for them, in the moment.

a creative management platform to build millions of creative permutations in seconds

Publish Creative


Publish an intelligent creative with the push of a button, then put it anywhere, anytime to achieve your marketing objectives. Likelihood works with all tag management vendors, content management systems, e-commerce platforms, and testing tools. Wherever you publish a static image today, you can easily publish an intelligent creative there tomorrow.

Literally, tomorrow. It’s that easy.


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