We're hiring Front-End Engineers


Likelihood has launched a creative new way for retailers to design and display personalized, brand-rich content directly in their sites, apps, and emails through our “intelligent creative” product. We need front-end engineers to help drive our product to the next level (and the next, and the next, and the next …) as we work toward our vision of a digital world where personalization is not only “not ugly”, but is persuasive, inspirational, and beautiful.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have at least two years of javascript framework experience as a front-end software engineer.
  • You are passionate about building great user experiences.
  • You want to work in San Francisco - Mission district.

What would you build as a front-end engineer?

We’re building an intelligent creative platform to streamline the creative production and deployment process for retailers (and beyond). Imagine a mobile-friendly, machine-crafted creative that is easily changed by retailer designers and marketers. Designers first make the creative using our simple Sketch-like design tool built with React, which you’d help us develop. Then marketers customize the creative, giving it a dynamic headline, price, background image, featured products, and more. The web team adds one line of JS which enables Likelihood creatives site-wide.

You’d be building out the design tool, so it can do what’s been described above. You’d own the front-end and Javascript stack, which includes an experiment results and analytics view, the WYSIWYG editor to create and maintain intelligent creatives, and the client-side Javascript library that runs on our customers’ sites.

What's our stack?

The intelligent creative product is written in React and Redux, built with Webpack. This is less relevant to you, but we have APIs in Java/Jersey/Jackson/Dropwizard and Node.js in front of a Postgres database, and a DynamoDB. Our data pipeline is streamed through a Kinesis queue and processed with Spark.

What are the benefits, salary range, and perks?

  • Competitive salary and equity package.
  • Full medical, dental and vision coverage.
  • Retirement savings plan, FSA, and life insurance.
  • Pre-tax commuting reimbursement.
  • Vacation—rest and relaxation are a good thing, and we want you to take it (different from many companies with “unlimited vacation”).
  • Food—a lot of it. Some healthy, some not. And a sweet kitchen and stocked pantry to cook whatever tickles your fancy.
  • Lifestyle—for yoga classes, gym memberships, or CSA subscriptions, $100 a month is on us.
  • Workspace—design your own so that you have what you need to be your most creative and productive self.
  • Outings—to Giants games, cooking classes, the driving range and more. We welcome sharing your ideas and hobbies with the team.
  • Bike—a new bike for a fun and healthy commute.
  • We can accommodate VISAs and H1B transfers.

What's our office like? 

  • You can design your own workspace.
  • Hand-crank adjustable standing/sitting desks
  • Secure bike parking inside the office area
  • Open office, but it’s relatively quiet despite this. No echoes.
  • Big showers, several people on the team run or bike to work and take showers when they arrive.
  • Sometimes we play quiet background music.
  • Conference rooms are actually open most of the time.
  • Sun from north and west-facing windows that won’t fall on your desk.

What's the hiring process like?

Our hiring process starts with an informational phone call to give you background on what we’re doing and hear a bit about your experience. Then a technical call over screen-share where we solve a problem with working code. After that, an onsite where you’ll meet the rest of the team. The onsite interviews take about 5-6 hours. We make a hiring decision within 24 hours and let you know what we’ve decided.

The atmosphere of the onsite interview is important—we do our best to make gracious handoffs between interviewers to reduce your stress. We know that interviewing can be very stressful.

To prepare, we recommend you be familiar with your recent projects so you can explain your contribution, how they were made, and the product/business reasons behind the engineering decisions. In one of the interviews you’ll be asked to teach something you learned on one of your projects, to someone who does not have a front-end background. This helps us understand how you communicate, it’s not meant to be a recitation of your résumé. We’ll also ask an open-ended software design question—you’ll need to ask questions and break up the problem so you can make progress on it. We’re also interested in hearing how you balance shipping vs speed vs clean code.

Interested in working with us?

Email us at hello@likelihood.com. We'd like to hear about what you've been working on lately, and feel free to include any relevant links. 

- Garrett Wu, CTO at Likelihood.com