West Elm private gallery

Imagine having these intelligent creatives on your site today ...


"We Love Collaboration" | Designer profiles

Highlight the designers behind West Elm's wide assortment of styles and collections with this interactive collaborator carousel. The most relevant three designers are shown to each individual shopper in the first frame, and shoppers can page through to additional frames to see more designer cards or click through to explore a particular one in more detail.



"Explore More" | Category navigation

Dynamically present personally-relevant categories to each shopper in the middle of your home page in a fun, unique way. Each category is represented by two different products, and shoppers can either navigate to the category page or jump directly to the PDP of the product shown after revealing more info on hover.



"Everyday Values" | Product mosaic

Dynamically arrange personally-relevant products into an artful mosaic to entice shoppers to browse West Elm's everyday values collection. In addition, give them a direct path to learn more about any of the individual products shown with an interactive overlay and direct link to each PDP.



"Design Deals" | Collections carousel

Showcase your featured design deals and newest collections in a stylish loop. Here the first "design deals" frame automatically pulls the most relevant three items from all available design deals offered by West Elm. Additionally, the remaining four frames are dynamically re-ordered to show the most relevant ones to each shopper first so they're more likely to see something of interest before scrolling by.