Creative inspirations you should see: Volume 2

1. Logo animation from Christian Louboutin

Inspiring Christian Louboutin interactive logo

This unexpected and tasteful animation is unique and on-brand. Explore ideas that leverage interactivity to make your brand and creative content stand out from the crowd!


2. Stylish model shots with graphic elements from Free People

Photography plays an essential part in today's digital experience, but Free people pushes it to the next level by incorporating beautiful graphic design. Photography + design is a beautiful way to elevate those lifestyle shots you have and elevate your message!


3. Store-like web experience from Maybelline is a site that women can linger for hours and shop as if they were in the store. The way they present cosmetic products mirrors what people usually experience offline, such as this creative example. Product category lists and "customers also viewed" trays might be the easiest thing to put on your website, but is it the most favorable form for your customers?


4. 360-degree rotatable product image from Sunglass Hut

Sunglass Hut uses raw product assets in a novel way to create a more interesting, useful digital experience for its shoppers

Shoppers always want to have a full grasp of the product before they click the button to buy.  Sunglass Hut makes sure they can shop without hesitation with this 360-degree rotatable image feature.  Think about how you might take product shots differently if you could incorporate them into interactive experiences like this.


5. Subtle animation on homepage hero from Pacsun


The subtle animation on this creative draws attention from shoppers and transforms it from a simple photo carousel to a more immersive experience. It reminds shoppers of the upcoming winter and all the fun they will have on the mountains!